Brazen Babe Reviews
is a lifestyle book blog, podcast and Instagram which originated between two book bloggers whom are myself Sharonda Isadora and Ana Beach Bum Reads. Currently, I'm the only blogger and contributor. 

Here you will find us talking about books; mainly Black books with romance at the center stage, tv/movies, journaling, tarot/oracle deck unboxings and other random life updates. There will be some discussion posts as well...but not that many, lols.  

**Note: Not everything will be posted to our different social media sites, so please be sure you're following them all: Twitter | Instagram | Pintrest. We will cross-post occasionally though. 

Sharonda Isadora
Mom, Reader, Watcher of the TV
& Lover of Red Wines

Jersey Born & Strong
Ex Military
Born Day: April 24th

Stuff I Love:
Good Friends
Good Food
Old Scripted TV Show's 
Spring & Fall

Currently, I'm a grump and I love it. lols. Peace with my body, mind and spirit is my forever goal. Simply, don't mess with me or mines and we will have no problems.